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Can you really delete yourself?

When you are tired of all the time you spend on all the social sites, what do you do to end your account?  I was surprised to find out that it isn't always easy to delete yourself.  Of course the time you spent updating them all should now be taken up by all the increased listing and buying activity you are involved in!

There was an article today in PC Magazine called "How to Delete Accounts from Any Website" that is pretty interesting.  The list of sites they address goes to show how many different places can take up your time.  Because we are all getting back to listing and selling real estate, I though I'd reference the article here as a one stop guide.

There are 23 different sites in this list.  Of course AR is not in the ones to remove yourself from. How many others are there that people are filling their time with?  And then there is the question, "Can you really delete yourself?"

Happy listing and selling!

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Interesting post. It is amazing the amount of information that exist about us on the internet. I blogged about Leapfish.com and I got comments from a Leapfish Exec. Small World?

Posted by Trevor Elliott (RE/MAX Integrity) over 11 years ago

Hi Heath ~ Thanks for that link - I've filed it away for future reference.  At this point I'm at the other end - still needing to set up accounts in various places - but the days are too short!


Posted by Elizabeth Bolton, Cambridge MA Realtor (RE/MAX Destiny Real Estate Cambridge, MA) over 11 years ago

Thank you for this.  I know for myself, Facebook takes up a lot of my time!  So addicting!

Posted by Manolis "Manny" Sfinarolakis (Keller Williams Realty) over 11 years ago

Hi Heath

Thank you for sharing the information, I found it very helpful.

Good luck and success

Lou Ludwig

Posted by Lou Ludwig, Designations Earned CRB, CRS, CIPS, GRI, SRES, TRC (Ludwig & Associates) over 11 years ago

Hi Heath, how's the weather up in Falmouth?

I remember watching one of the news programs, 60 Minutes or 20/20, that showed just how far one little comment you make or piece of information about you that is posted, can travel on the web. It was amazing. Furthermore they reported that once that information is out there, it's out there forever and it is virtually impossible to erase every trace of it.

I keep reminding my kids to be mindful of what they put on the Internet because it does stay on there forever, even when they're old. I tell them some day their kids may be seeing these pictures. And when that doesn't work, I just remind them, grandma and grandpa have a computer now too.

That generally freaks them out.

Posted by Donna Shuman, REALTOR - Marketing for Richard Shuman - www.SKIPtheBULL.com (Florida Wholesale Realty Corp) over 11 years ago

Please take me delete from this earth LOL... just kidding, Have a great and successful week.

Posted by Lynn911.com ~ Dallas Real Estate Agent Top Team (Dallas Houses for Rent Dallas Apartment Rentals Lynn911.com ) over 11 years ago

I like Donna's idea!  Granma and Granpa have a computer now too.  I am the Grandma with a computer!  I think I will find out my Granddaughter's my space and say hello!  That WILL freak her out, and it would be so much fun to do!

Posted by Evelyn Johnston, The People You Know, Like and Trust! (Friends & Neighbors Real Estate) over 11 years ago

I haven't used the grandparents idea yet.  But my kids did help grandma set up her facebook so they know she's watching!

Posted by Associate Broker Falmouth MA Cape Cod Heath Coker, Heath Coker Robert Paul Properties Falmouth MA (http://www.CapeGroup.com & http://www.REindex.com) over 11 years ago

Heath, interesting post and so far I have managed to limit myself to just a few site where I regularly contribute and I like AR way to much to ever leave (heck it's so much for FREE)!

Posted by Russell Lewis, Broker,CLHMS,GRI (Realty Austin, Austin Texas Real Estate) over 11 years ago

Once it is out there in the electron void - can you really ever delete anything?

Posted by Shannon Aldrich, NH & Maine Real Estate Seacoast (Keller Williams Coastal Realty) over 11 years ago

Hmmm... Very interesting topic.. One must be sure they are happy with the information they are puttingon the world wide web

Posted by Roland Woodworth, eXp Realty (eXp Realty) over 11 years ago

Oh, I'm sure they don't want poeple to delete accounts.  Another thin is that all the entered info gets stored somewhere forever...

so, be careful what you write... yikes!

Posted by Marzena Melby, Realtor, Twin Cities Minnesota Real Estate (Coldwell Banker Burnet Realty) over 11 years ago

They tried to make it undeletable.  They tried to make it their property so they could use it without copywrite claims.  It is still out there.  Kind of like blogs and comments on blogs!

Posted by Associate Broker Falmouth MA Cape Cod Heath Coker, Heath Coker Robert Paul Properties Falmouth MA (http://www.CapeGroup.com & http://www.REindex.com) over 11 years ago

Heath - I know that real estate activity is increasing, and hopefully I will benefit from this.  I am not too worried about deleting myself from the internet, or certain sites, because I feel that everything I put out there has a reason.  If I am so busy that I don't do anything on those sites, then that just means I am selling real estate, and that is a good thing.

Posted by Troy Erickson AZ Realtor (602) 295-6807, Your Chandler, Ahwatukee, and East Valley Realtor (Good Company Real Estate www.ChandlerRealEstate.weebly.com) over 11 years ago

Productive info put on the Net should always be benefitial to someone - both on the reader side and on the poster side.

Posted by Associate Broker Falmouth MA Cape Cod Heath Coker, Heath Coker Robert Paul Properties Falmouth MA (http://www.CapeGroup.com & http://www.REindex.com) over 11 years ago