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Southeastern New England is excited about the future!

14 sound stages
2 Multi-level office buildings
Huge post production buildings and facilities
A 10 acre back lot with various facades
And a shopping/tourist/amenity village with ancillary businesses

Compared to LA County California's 350 sound stages, these 14 may seem a small number.  But few are as state of the art and as user friendly as those at Plymouth Rock Studios will be.  The studios are already receiving support from television producers and advertising creators as well as the film industry.

The actual complex is planning over 2000 skilled employment openings.  The introduction of a formerly non-existant industry will also create new business opportunities in the surrounding areas. 

The four pillars they are creating under are Story, Innovation, Responsibility, and Education.  Because the movie industry has never had a home base in New England,  Plymouth Rock Studios has the amazing opportunity to form the future New England movie business into a fresh crowd of new talent.

Add rural peacefulness to the technology and freshness of this facility, and you have an inspiring, unique destination for the media production industry.  Southeastern New England is excited about the future!

A virtual tour of the site can be viewed here.  http://www.plymouthrockstudios.com/PRSvirtualtour/index.html

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