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Falmouth ByLaw Change Will Tax Falmouth Landlords

There is something very important happening in Falmouth that directly affects the owners of a vacation home or visitors who vacation in Falmouth.    The town is considering a new tax on all Falmouth vacation rental properties that could be as high as 9.7%. 

We all know what this means! Landlords will need to pass this tax directly on to renters.   Some Cape Cod towns, like Harwich, have already voted a tax like this down.  If it passes, landlords will have another expense to cover when they are renting their properties.  Real estate investors will have to adjust their their operating calculations to include this tax when they make you an offer on property.  

This tax is not useful for landlords, bad for vacationers, certainly it is not helpful to the businesses that appreciate tourism, and it is not helpful to future property owners.  You may not vote in Falmouth, but you deserve to have your voice heard.  If you don't want to pay a new tax, and if you want your investment property to retain its value, please contact the town rep for your area and ask how they plan to vote.  

The Town Hall phone number is 508-548-7611

and the website is http://www.town.falmouth.ma.us/  (although the website has been off and on lately.)   The town warrant should be available on-line at the town web site.

Happy listing and selling!

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Wow high tax rate.  My family is from Boston we have vacations homes on Cape.  Have a great and successful weekend.

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