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Only 11,200,000 results for Brooklyn Real Estate, But 19,600,000 results for Dallas Real Estate?

How can there be so many more web pages available for Dallas real estate than for Brooklyn real estate? Aren't there more people living in Brooklyn that there are in Dallas? Well, OK, maybe if you take all of the Dallas area and compare it to Brooklyn you'll get more people. But 11,200,000 is still a lot of results just to find local real estate.

If there are less than two and a half million licensed real estate agents in the whole United States, how are there so many pages of information about Brooklyn real estate? Well, of course the answer is that there are many pages in every web site. And, many, many, many sites just mention Brooklyn real estate, so there could actually be more than 11,200,000 results from a search for Brooklyn real estate. But how does an agent get their real estate pages found, and how do customers looking for them find them in 11,200,000 results?

If there are millions and millions of Brooklyn real estate search results, there are a whole bunch that are not helping people actually find real estate. OK, lets do for Brooklyn what we did for Dallas and say that the average Brooklyn real estate agent has at least 10 pages on their web site. Those pages are often called About Me, Featured Listings/My Listings, local school info, and of course there needs to be a page for How to Buy and How to Sell. Then there are the 5,6,7,8 listing pages, and a MLS search page. Then the all important contact page for those who can't find an email address or phone number on any of the other 9 pages.

Then, lets assume that all of those pages are optimized for Brooklyn real estate. How many actual licensees could there really be? One source says that the state of New York has over 65,000 real estate licenses. So if only 10% of those are in Brooklyn, that means that they all have an average of 1700 web pages. Hmmm. I'd better get started looking through the 11,200,000 so I can find the great deals in Brooklyn!

Maybe I'm just a naive out-of-towner, but this seems a little cluttered. Surely there aren't sites messing up my search for Brooklyn real estate. Are there? Lol.

Happy listing and selling!

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That is strange UNLESS it counteed the entire DFW area which sounds like that could be that case! Have a good weekend!

Posted by Russell Lewis, Broker,CLHMS,GRI (Realty Austin, Austin Texas Real Estate) over 11 years ago

Hi Heath - Does this have something to do with every property search result page - even a single property on a page - getting counted in the totals?  And maybe there are more MLS listings in Dallas than Brooklyn?  Just my guess....


Posted by Elizabeth Bolton, Cambridge MA Realtor (RE/MAX Destiny Real Estate Cambridge, MA) over 11 years ago