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So where were they looking for real estate last month?

The latest real estate sales reports and numbers indicate that the market in many areas has stopped falling.  This is good news for California real estate and Florida property owners.  For a long time they have been leading in the "falling prices" category of real estate reporting.  But now they are said to be leading in the return to normalcy.  The largest states once again were the areas of greatest activity for those starting to look for property.  Large states like NY, CA, PA, and TX, IL, FL all received some of the most inquiries in the month of October.  Other states with lots of towns and large populations like, IA, OH, MN, and MO were also being scoured for real estate deals.

Then there were those that make me want to research the local economies more and find out what may be developing there.  Some of these aren't the largest states, but they had some of the most activity from Internet searchers.  Could these areas be courting new jobs? Or have they already attracted some new economic bounty that I have yet to hear about?  The states with the most searches per town in October were NM, ID, VT, NH, NV, FL, MS, AZ, TX, WI.  Some of the states in this list are the same as the as those in the other list which makes me research them first.  Being on both lists adds weight to a possibly good economic future.  (I wish the state where my office is located was on one of the lists.)

Once again, I find that although knowing where sales have happened is useful, knowing where they are starting to happen can get me ahead of those also looking for improving investment areas.

Happy Selling and Listing!

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according to yesterdays report from the NAR, arizona, nevada, arizona finally have had increased sales. Prices have still dropped, but at least people are buying

Posted by James Wexler (wexzilla.com) almost 12 years ago

We might have to define "returning to normal." For the fourth consecutive month, prices were down (29%) and sales were up (66%). Is that normal? I have no idea. I used to think that I was normal, but I'm thinking otherwise the older I get -- LOL.

Falling prices and more sales both are good for us here in San Diego. Just two years ago a mere 7% of San Diego households making a median income of about $45,000 could afford a median home of $519,000. About 36% of such median households can now afford the median home of about $330,000.

Posted by Russel Ray, San Diego Business & Marketing Consultant & Photographer (Russel Ray) almost 12 years ago