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I thought LA was supposed to win? OR Agents can influence the outcome!

With all the news about referees influencing basketball games, I thought LA would win the 3 games in LA.  I was sure this series would go to the seventh game.  But after last night, I was once more encouraged that the human element is still unpredictable.

Watching the games and understanding all the "revenue" behind the business part of basketball, it is understandable that the owners want to get basketball back on to the front pages of papers and buzzing across Internet chat rooms, let alone into the sports sections and sports shows once again. 

So how is real estate different?  There are entities that want to control our thinking about our listings - "they" want it to be their content.  They are doing all they can to make sure they control the "refs" by using advertising dollars, blogs, SEO, and articles both on and off the Internet to tell us and the public what to think - how to view the game - where our listings should be.

Here was the owners' problem in the Celtic v LA game last night - LA didn't keep playing hard so the refs couldn't influence the game enough.  The fourth quarter, the second half for that matter, was all Celtics deciding to take the game back - reguardless of the calls that weren't made for them or that were made against them.  And, maybe there was enough believable press about "the fix" that the refs were told to lighten up a bit.

This is the same problem that the real estate "fixers" have, too.  The "press" can only be controlled so long in this era of the Internet.  The vast number of websites being added to the Internet on a daily basis, is beyond their control.  The things they have effectively muted like 1.2 million real estate licensees are not a member of ANY MLS, are becoming discussed in more places than can be "handled."  And things like whole MLSs stopping their feeds to Re al to r .com type sites are starting to rise to the forefront of discussions.

The one thing that "they" have as a temporary advantage is the high turnover of "players" in the real estate business.  If the influence over the thoughts and actions of the newest and least aware - rookies, and part time fans if you will - can be continued, "they" have a chance of extending their schedlue to seven games.  But the seventh game will still come.

Customers are tired of being "lead generated".  Buyers are learning to find the websites of actual agents that work in their town rather than just looking at pictures of houses.  Investors are returning to the professionals that can save time and money, because they are doing this every day.  And agents are taking back their inventory from those who want to use it against them.

So bring on game five!  Maybe we can end this thing early!  And yes, get your free link on REindex.com if you aren't there yet!  Take back your inventory.

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Whether its basketball, baseball, hockey, I find that in some instances all stage to give it the media attention, shame that ref. should be honest enough for the game with some many experts watching.


Go Boston


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Beat L.A. !

The tried and true chant of New England Basketball fans everywhere!

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