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Cape Cod Real Estate - Can I Move The Driveway?

Cape Cod Real Estate - Can I Move The Driveway?

Can I Move the Driveway? Holly and I have been showing property to an experienced buyer who knows the value of using a real estate agent. Experienced agents save time, and make their clients money.

One of the properties we looked at has some good potential if a garage can be added. In order to add the garage, the driveway needs to be moved from one side of the corner lot to another. The buyer asked if this can be done.

Every town has different rules and procedures for things like this. Because we've been full time real estate professionals for over 20 years, Holly and I know how to get this answer correctly, and in a way that will let the buyer make a solid decision.

We consulted the correct town department and asked them to look at their internal records. As an added assurance, we asked for a site visit to make sure the internal docs matched the actual property components. In this case, the internal docs did not reflect the actual site information, but it can still be done.

For this property, there is some extra engineering required. The cost of the extra engineering will still be well within the value of the project. In fact, the proposed improvement will greatly enhance the value of this property. When the buyer decides to sell the property after their use, the value added will be much more than the cost of the improvements.

Moral: Save time and money using an experienced real estate agent.

As with all real estate transactions, an experienced agent can make a big difference in the value of a property. Whether you're a Seller or a Buyer, using an experienced agent to acquire the correct professional answers, can save a lot of time and will make you money. Had the seller's agent already acquired this information, preferably in writing like we did for the buyer, they might have sold this property faster.

Holly and I help sellers prepare their listings for the market, and we also help buyers get complete answers about properties they are interested in. We research the history of properties, the permits, the debt to help in negotiations, and many other technicalities. Because we are taking action every day, We're prepared, when You're ready.

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Cape Cod Real Estate - Can I Move The Driveway?



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