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Falmouth Live Survey February 3 2018

There is a Falmouth Live Survey February 3 2018. This appears to be for all Falmouth residents. The flyer on the Falmouth Town Website for the Falmouth Live Survey, contains the following information:

Falmouth Residents: We Want to Hear from YOU
Saturday, February 3, 2018 @ 8:30 am
Falmouth High School Auditorium
􀀀 if you have never attended a Falmouth town meeting... or you always attend
􀀀 if you don’t typically speak up but have ideas that may help your neighbors or community
􀀀 if you write Letters to the Editor or send emails to public officials or have thought of doing so
􀀀 if you want to hear what your neighbors or community thinks is important for Falmouth
􀀀 if you want to feel engaged with how Falmouth is run but aren't sure how to do it
􀀀 if you want to be heard with your concerns, priorities or ideas for living and working in Falmouth
If you agree with any of these statements, or are just curious, then please come to this first-ever Live Survey!

The Falmouth Live Survey, sponsored by your Board of Selectmen & facilitated by your neighbor Linda Pogue, seeks to promote civic engagement and inform the Selectmen strategic plans. No presentations, just dialog among community members.

Live Survey Questions:
• What are the issues or situations you feel need to receive more attention than they currently have?
• What are your suggestions for encouraging civic engagement and discourse among all Falmouth‐ites?
• What's on your wish list for ways to help and benefit this community, your neighbors, yourself?

8:30 am – 9:00 am: Find a seat, grab a Bagel and cup of coffee
9:00 am Sharp: Live Survey Begins
10:30 am: Done!


You can find the flyer that is on the Falmouth Town Website for the Falmouth Live Survey,   here:



This should be an interesting meeting. Maybe it could be a Facebook Live event. We'll see.


Best wishes, Heath


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