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Pre-foreclosures on Cape Cod (Dennis, MA)

Dennis, Massachusetts is a typical Cape Cod town.  There are areas that are designated by the locals like Dennisport, East Dennis, West Dennis, South Dennis, and just plain Dennis.  Of course, just like Route 6 that runs east and west but is called North 28 and South 28, Dennis has some geographic name abnormalities.  West Dennis is south of South Dennis.  Dennisport is east of West Dennis but is not actually part of East Dennis.  And there is actually more of a port in East Dennis at the Yacht Club (the Dennis Yacht Club) than there is in Dennisport.  The Dennis town offices are in South Dennis which on a map is really central Dennis.  Part of the fun of summering on the Cape is figuring our where you actually are.

Anyway, there were just over 1900 properties in the pre-foreclosure stages on Cape Cod on May 6, 2008.  With some 140,000 homes on the Cape, this is only a small fraction of real estate on Cape Cod.   Less than half of those homes are second homes, and this does not account for commercial properties.  More than half the homes in all the areas of Dennis are second homes (51%+-).  Other towns on Cape Cod have more owner occupied properties, even though every communities has some vacation homes or investor owned properties.

Dennis is between Yarmouth on the west side and both Brewster and Harwich on the east.  There were 109 properties in pre-foreclosure on May 6th.

Here are the breakdowns for Dennis that I have found.  Keep in mind these are PRE-foreclosures (as of 5/6/08) and some will not go to complete foreclosure. 

 Dennis           31
 Dennisport     36
 West Dennis    4
 South Dennis  38

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