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Real Estate in 2016 vs 1996

Real Estate in 2016 vs 1996

There are some interesting differences in Real Estate in 2016 vs 1996. Over the last 20 years, starting with the Internet and continuing to smart phones and Skype showings, so many things have changed in real estate.

In 1996 I remember sitting in a room with the then owner of the company I worked for an we had a discussion about what domain we should choose. There were so few domains, we could have chosen almost anything. Then when we made a decision, we dialed up the Internet, and waited to connect...

and waited to connect...

and then we waited to see the screen load, and then after awhile, we were able to complete the registration.

I also remember thinking I had a Maserati of a computer when my desktop came with 4gigs of RAM. This was a Cadillac of computers and so fast (ha). We still had MLS books delivered, but we were beta testing this online MLS system that seemed to be at least as useful as the books.

My beeper went off one day when I was out on showings, and as I raced to the nearest payphone to call the office for a message, I wondered if I could ever be one of those who could afford a hand held cellphone.

Today as I drove for 8 hours, I was able to have my business partner/wife return emails and text messages when my car told me my phone had an email or text message. When I got a call, the car's radio turned off and the call came over the speakers. Later I loaded a document onto the interned, emailed it to clients, so they could sign it electronically and put a property under agreement.

Well, tomorrow, we'll be taking movies with my tablet computer that I'll put on the Internet with a few minutes of editing. We'll navigate with talking maps as we go around to different showings. And, we'll research titles, flood plain info, tax information, and listings all from our computerized devices.

This blog can now be written by talking to my computer. It even types most of what I say correctly. Who knows what's next?!



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