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Foreclosure List For MAssachusetts - A Website

Foreclosure List For MAssachusetts - A Website

You can finally get a Foreclosure List For Massachusetts from A Website that was just hatched. MA lawmakers apparently passed a new requirement that all legal notices be placed online as well as being printed in an appropriate off-line publication. One of the issues with the new directive is the cost of placing the notices on websites, and which is / are the correct / best ones to post them on.

Enter the MNPA (MASSACHUSETTS NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION), with all their publications, and viola a solution. They have provided an outlet for the public notices which should help anyone find the notices with ease. This is a statewide website which will apparently provide access to all public notices from all newspapers in MA.

The MNPA members will each contribute to the costs associated with the site. On their website, the MNPA describes their interests as, "... tax legislation, advertising regulations, newspaper carrier and independent contractor laws, newsrack restrictions, overly restrictive VDT legislation, route tube emplacement concerns of Dig Safe, and newsprint recycling laws." More information about them can be found here.

One side benefit to this website is that this can now be used to verify "listings" of "pre-foreclosure" properties and others designated as "distressed by some unscrupulous web portals. In the past, some sites have used the lure of "pre-foreclosures and foreclosures to coax visitors to enter a name, email and / or phone, so the web author car then sell the contact info as "leads" to as many entities who would pay for them. Now, a quick visit to the MNPA website will show published information with title references, dates, and addresses. This will help both those who are required to publish, and the individuals, entities, licensees, and investors, who would like correct and useful information.

The website where MA public notices can be found currently is http://ma.mypublicnotices.com/PublicNotice.asp  This address may change in the future, but that is where I found it today.



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