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Painting Solutions to 5 Common Paint Problems - 5

Painting Solutions to 5 Common Paint Problems - 5

Painting Solutions to 5 Common Paint Problems. Number 5 of 5. The fifth issue that Paul Dunn, Paint Division Manager for Cape Associates, mentioned as a one of 5 common paint problems is the incompatibility of various paint materials.

Not all paints are compatible with each other. Oil paint does not like to be covered by latex paint. If you remember that latex paint is water based, and that oil and water do not mix, your paint will last longer.

That may seem simple, but professionals see it all the time on Cape Cod. Oil paint goes on more smoothly, covers in one coat more easily, and it holds up in high traffic areas. But it does take longer to dry than latex paint, it has more noxious fumes, and can crack and change color over time.

Latex is often more acceptable to a part time painter or homeowner because it dries fast and cleans up easily. Because it is water based, it is easier to dispose of. Oil based paints and latex based paints each have their best applications so choose an experienced professional who understands your use and plans for your property.

Of course, I rely on Paul Dunn's experience as a painter for useful information about moisture and paint on Cape Cod. You can contact Paul Dunn at 508-776-4126, or send me a note and I'll send you his email.

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