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Painting Solutions to 5 Common Paint Problems - 4

Painting Solutions to 5 Common Paint Problems - 4

Painting Solutions to 5 Common Paint Problems. Number 4 of 5. The fourth issue that Paul Dunn, Paint Division Manager for Cape Associates, mentioned as a one of 5 common paint problems on Cape Cod is humidity.

Humidity is one of the staples for the growth of mold. There is not much anyone can do about controlling humidity in the air around your property. However there are some things to do so that the surfaces on the outside can dry out.

Trimming trees that cause too much shade on the painted surfaces can help enough sun hit the property to allow moisture to evaporate more easily. Cutting bushes away from the house will also allow air to circulate and move moisture away from the external surfaces. Keeping sprinklers pointed away from the surfaces of your home can also help keep the humidity and moisture from cultivating paint destroying mold.

Inside the home, controlling humidity is important, too. Especially in bathrooms, moisture needs to be controlled. Proper venting is the first solution. Strong fans can carry the moisture build up to the outside. Many fan companies suggest at least 50 CFM (cubic feet per minute) for a bathroom fan.

If you can see condensation making trails on the walls of your bathroom, kitchen, or other room, then there is too much moisture in that room. Besides the fan/venting, it may mean that you need more than one coat of paint specifically designed for bathrooms. Also keep the edges and joints of bath and shower enclosures caulked so that water can not get behind the walls or under the floors. If you suspect you have some moisture behind a wall, refer to 5 Common Paint Problems - #1 and learn how a moisture meter can help you.

Of course, I rely on Paul Dunn's experience as a painter for useful information about moisture and paint on Cape Cod. You can contact Paul Dunn at 508-776-4126, or send me a note and I'll send you his email.

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