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Painting Solutions to 5 Common Paint Problems - 3

Painting Solutions to 5 Common Paint Problems - 3

Painting Solutions to 5 Common Paint Problems. Number 3. The third issue that Paul Dunn, Paint Division Manager for Cape Associates, mentioned as a one of 5 common paint problems is mold.

Mold has become a huge danger word in the real estate business. However, it is just another repair item that needs a professional to address. Having someone who sees mold often enough to know what it is and how to deal with it is so much better that trying to hide it an hoping it has gone away.

Paul explained that mold needs two things to grow. One is high humidity and the other is food. Where there is consistent moisture, mold may grow.  

Once you can see mold, you need a professional to diagnose the mold, find the source of the humidity, resolve the source of the humidity, and paint the area appropriately. I learned from Paul that there are products that are called mildewcides. That is the formal description of a mold killer.

For exterior surfaces on a home, The Paint Division at Cape Associates routinely washes an area that has mold with an approved mildewcide to remove the surface mold, and then paints with a high quality latex that has an added mildewcide in it. They, Cape Associates professionals, often encounter exterior trim that was painted with a low quality latex and where mold has taken over the trim with big blotches. Professionals know that some low quality latex paints contain a food that mold loves to eat - cellulose. Painting with a latex that has cellulose in a humid area only invites mold - and subsequent power washing and more painting.

Inside, venting humid areas with a powerful exhaust fan, and painting with mildewcide paint can help avoid mold issues. Fixing leaks, drips, and the like, can prevent mold from starting its annoying an unhealthy growth. Paul has helped many owners resolve their mold and paint issues.

I rely on Paul Dunn's experience as a painter for useful information about moisture and paint on Cape Cod. You can contact Paul Dunn at 508-776-4126, or send me a note and I'll send you his email.


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