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Painting Solutions to 5 Common Paint Problems - 2

Painting Solutions to 5 Common Paint Problems - 2

Painting Solutions to 5 Common Paint Problems. Number 2 of 5. The second issue that Paul Dunn, Paint Division Manager for Cape Associates, mentioned as a one of 5 common paint problems is UltraViolet rays. Paul says, "UV will degrade any paint over time - period."

Whether you've painted with oil or latex, the exterior paint will be affected by UV rays. Sometimes you can see where a latex paint was applied over an oil paint that was deteriorating. Professionals know that if the surface was not properly prepared before painting, the latex paint may bubble and peel away from the oil paint.

When you slide you hand over an oil painted surface and get chalk on your fingers, that is evidence of UV deterioration. Of course you need to sand the chalk off and repaint with oil paint, or sand the oil paint off and prime before using latex paint over oil paint. You can't just put latex paint over oil paint, and Paul says that oil paint is not used as much out doors any more.

Having an experienced professional assess the problems will make a big difference in how successful the remedy is - and in how long your paint lasts. I rely on Paul Dunn's experience as a painter for useful information about moisture and paint on Cape Cod. You can contact Paul Dunn at 508-776-4126, or send me a note and I'll send you his email.


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