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Provincetown / PTown Real Estate Market - What Sold in 2014

Provincetown / PTown Real Estate Market - What Sold in 2014


In the Provincetown real estate market in 2014, there were 38 single family homes sold, 2 lots of land sold, and 150 condominiums sold.  This report does not include multi-family properties that sold nor commercial properties sold in 2014 in Provincetown / PTown.


The average single family home in PTown sold for $1,029,684. The average cost of land in Provincetown was $347,500 in 2014. The average Provincetown / PTown condos sold for $460,431 in 2014.  


The properties in each category were on the market for an average of 265, 275, and 213 days respectively.  Most of the single family homes were 3 or more bedrooms.  All but 61 of the condominium units sold in Provincetown / PTown in 2014 had at least two bedrooms.


The average living square footage for the single family homes was 2116 of space. The average living space for the condos was 842 square feet.  The land sold in Provincetown / PTown averaged under 0.2 acres of land - small lots.


There were 16 properties in Provincetown that sold above $1,000,000. There were 77 property sales in  PTown in 2014 that were over $500,000 and less than a million dollars (including single family homes, condo units, and land). The Provincetown condos that sold in 2014 had prices from $36,000 to $1,200,000.  The PTown land prices were $270,000 and $425,000.


Some data not included here but important to buying and selling decisions are: Absorption Rate, List Price to Sell Price, Waterfront Sales, etc.  That information is available by request.


If you would like more details on the Provincetown / PTown Real Estate Market, they are available for the asking. We would be glad to produce a report analyzing your specific property.  Email, or text us, or call.  



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