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A Link To: What Is A Fair Rent In My Town? - The Government Provides Info

This is useful information. If you are investing or just looking for a new place to rent, one of the questions that has a useful answer is "What Is A Fair Rent In My Town?".  Renters are asking to see if they are over paying - or getting a great deal. Investors are asking because they are calculation costs and returns for their possible investments. And current landlords are asking to make sure they are in line with what people are expecting to pay.

The answer to the question can be aided by a website that is populated by HUD.  You can search for your town or a metropolitan area, and you can see what their average rents are for efficiency apartments, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, and 4 bedroom living arrangements.  You can also see HUD's idea of the median income for the area.

The main link for the "data sets" is on this part of the HUD website:  What is Fair Rent in my town?  From there you can choose a state and a town or a metro region for info.

So if you're an investor or a tenant or a landlord, check out the HUD rent data info.  The data is not mine, so don't hold me responsible for its accuracy, but it might help you get to know an area or town from a rental perspective. The data for my area was pretty useful and close to real.


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