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Falmouth Volunteers In Public Schools - Consider Being A VIPS Mentor

It is a new year and the Falmouth Volunteers In Public Schools are meeting to encourage and inform anew adults in the community who might like to become mentors for High School students. My wife and I have done this in the past. 

There is a particular meeting on the 16th at 7:30 in the morning at the Atria Woodbriar buildings. This is being described as a Youth Mentoring Open House. There will be coffee, breakfast and more explanation about the mentoring program with VIPS.


Each adult is paired with a student that just needs someone to talk to. Sometimes they are from great homes but the family is going through a crisis. Sometimes they are a child that has some issues which are affecting more than their school work. Sometimes they are just a kid that the administration thinks could use a friend.

The kids are just given a chance to have an unattached, unbiased, trustworthy adult they can learn to trust and confide in. Barring them telling you something about an illegal activity, the mentor conversations with them are strictly confidential. Some kids just need a break and some need to feel like someone hears them. Sometimes they need to know that they aren't alone or the only ones with X ideas or feelings.

When you're a mentor, all meetings take place on school grounds in open areas like the library, the cafeteria at non lunch times, or sometimes just a walk around the track outside on a nice day. They also take place during school hours. This makes it easier for the child and mentor to meet regularly, and it also makes sure that there is some "supervision" and observation of the relationship.

If you could have used a mentor in high school, then consider going to the meeting to learn more.  You may have more to offer than you realize.

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