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Laptop, Tablet, or PC - Which Is Best For Your Business

It is the month that all the new electronics are presented to the public - or at least the new versions of electronics. Sometimes I think that they call the same system new because it is a different color. But the power of the gadgets today is astonishing.

Not 10 years ago the most powerful desktop had 4 gigs of storage in its hard drive. Today's cell phones have that in their basic memory. Goodness, you can get an SD card with more than 8 times that for short money.

But the title of this blog is "Laptop, Tablet, or PC - Which Is Best For Your Business?" Well to get to the point, the choice is all of them. A laptop helps with some projects and situations, a desktop has other uses, and tablet are becoming more useful and are almost expected by some segments of buyers and sellers.

Your laptop will still provide the most versatile use and maximum capacity for storage, necessary programs, and all around usefulness. It has a large screen. The storage on your laptop will help you file all the property pics, emails, plans, .pdfs, and will even allow you to store downloaded text message chains for future reference and record keeping.

A PC or desktop can be the hub for your home or home office. It will provide the center of shared programs on your network. It can be the hub for printing. And because its components are "faster" and more advanced than those in most reasonably priced laptops, it can still provide an outlet for some gaming when you need time away from the grind.

Then your tablet can prove your techno prowess to possible clients. It is the silent indicator that you are "with it" and up to date with emerging technology. Of course you still need to be able to use it well.

So my thought is you need them all at different times. In nine more years I'll probably be talking my blog (not typing) to my holographic tablet-like item while I ride in my personal delivery device (larger than the Amazon package delivery vehicles of today) on the way to meet approved clients for their first personal viewing - to verify the virtual representation they have already walked through. Who knows?


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Heath, i am moving more toward using my tablet on showings and laptop for presentations, my desktop left in the office for my assistant to use with files that we need continuous access to. but alas services like drop box and google drive are making it all very transportable. Have a good day!

Posted by Kimberly Tapscott, Giving you the service you deserve! (Keller Williams Prestige Properties) over 6 years ago
I am so very pro tablet right now, but I did just bring a laptop (the original tablet, by the way, by HP) into the office...
Posted by Carol Zingone, Global Realtor in Jax Beach, FL - ABR, CRS, CIPS (Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Florida Network Realty) over 6 years ago

Heath, I to have moved on to the Ipad. My laptop is my desktop with a dual screen setup. 

Posted by Frank Rubi, FrankRubiRealEstate.com (Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC) over 6 years ago

Desktop.  What's a desktop? I haven't seen one of those in years!

Posted by Jody Siano, With You Every Step (Keller Williams Princeton) over 6 years ago

I love the way technology has improved the real estate business. I'm simply better at utilizing my time and getting the important tasks accomplished more effectively.

My first love, of course is my phone. I carry the Galaxy Note II---large yes, but awesomely efficient and I can easily slip it in my purse or briefcase. I use it to answer forwarding calls from my office, surf the web, stream music, pod-casts, recordings in the car and while working out. I can read my books during down time (like waiting in the doctor's office), check email, post attachments, and provide a Wi-fi connection to my other mobile devices when I am on the go.

Now, my laptop is my main computer, as I'm finding less need for a desktop anymore. I am constantly on the go and depend greatly on the use of awesome mobile devices. I love the flexibility of carrying around my laptop, which is a 17", as I love the screen real estate when working on complex projects. There's simply tasks best left to a computer--such as making Power Point presentations, fine-tuning my annual Business plan, typing business documents, making excel spreadsheets, etc. I simply slip the laptop and my laptop-style briefcase and load up the car.

My newest baby is my upgraded tablet: the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Simply wonderful. I love the screen, ability (like my Samsung Galaxy Note II) to sign, annotate and hand write documents with the use of the S-pen. I can draw out ideas, make colorful sketches---all from the this very cool device. I can surf the web, access office documents, send attachments, read my collection of books & magazines, listen to music, access our local MLS system, and play games during downtime. I can also split the screen to show, work on and explore two different tasks simultaneously. I simply slip this beautiful tablet in my purse and keep it moving. The nice pink white portfolio cover makes it even nicer. 

Now when I get a call about a property, or a prospective buyer---I can work directly with them while on the go and answer their call in record time! 


Posted by Jaclyn Erwin, ABR,SFR, REALTOR®/BROKER, Charlotte NC. (Jackson Erwin Realty, Inc.) over 6 years ago