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I just got my TradeMark Approved! REIndex.com, The Site Engine(sm)

REindex.com, The Site Engine(sm) has been approved as my Trademark/Servicemark for my website!  I have been quietly building this web portal for 8 years to help any listing agent get found by directly linking to their site whether they request it or not.  I even paid 5 teenagers last summer to review real estate pages for me so we could link to more sites more quickly.

I am a listing agent and became frustrated with all the sites that compete for search engine results with me and the other listing agents in my town.  Most of the sites that the search engines show are lead generators or advertisers that keep customers from easily finding me and my listings.

My "Site Engine" concept is based on the idea that a search in any search engine for "Your Town, State real estate" will return thousands of useless links to lead generators or advertisers.  My "Site Engine" makes it easy to find any town in the US, and we only link to the agent pages that have listings in that town!

I actually surf each site before we link to it so we can make sure they actually list property in the town we link to them from.  Because people can trust that we have already surfed the sites we link to, they trust us.  That trust is passed on to the agent as consumers move from our site to theirs.

We link to any listing agent site regardless of their SEO, ranking, or keywords.  We only require that they make their personal listings easy to find and separated from other MLS listings.  (Otherwise we'd have to link to all the lead generation sites, too.)

I have spoken to agents with 50 domain names as they try to get the search engines to find them.  Other agents are trying to learn the optimization techniques for all the different search engines.  REindex.com, The Site Engine(sm)just links to the site.  We don't care if there are Non-MLS listings, if you have a blog, if you have pictures, if you use a service or write the html yourself, if you have keyword or meta tags, we don't look for type-os, or other mistakes - we will link to you if your personal listings are easily visible.

The YouTube I made www.YouTube.com/watch?v=Y6aYxzfTa_8 explains my ideas a little humorously, but truthfully.

Happy Selling and Listing!

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www.REindex.com REindex.com, The Site Engine(sm)  Pronounced: Are-ee-index


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