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Why don't other MLSs follow the actions of the NWMLS?

I have been talking to agents and brokers all over the country over the last few months and I am amazed that no one knows about the NWMLS's decision to stop feeding their listings to sites like Rltr dot com.

It may be that everyone is so busy in their market that they don't read what is happening in the industry. Or it could be that most "news" rss feeders are advertising driven and they don't want to bite their advertiser's hands. Or it could be that the managers and staff in the offices of the MLSs are not operating in the interests of their members in exchange for who knows what from the sites that depend on MLS data for survival.

In any case, most licensees in the country are starting to question the feeds sent to sites that are competing for search engine ranks and leads. In what other industry do the people who do the work, provide a work product that decreases their income? I can't think of one.

How does providing work product decrease their income? At the very least it increases their expenses. Sites that do not use their own listings to gain traffic make them spend money to buy ads, hire seo techs, and steal time by making blogs or backlink efforts or keyword research manditory.

If they are feeding their competition with the material used to compete with, why is there surprise that SEO is so hard and time consuming? What would real estate search results be like in your area if you didn't have the big agregators using your content against you?

Not against you? Think of it this way, they are standing outside your office door interfering with your customers. Here is a YouTube (2.5Min) that humorously explains it. REindex.com, The Site Enginesm


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