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The Bottom Of The Real Estate Market Is June 2011!

That is a pretty big title. There better be data to support it. So is data from Harvard good enough?

Harvard has produced a report that indicates that the bottom is here. Realtor.org Magazine has an article this month that says 16 million housing units are needed to meet housing needs in the next ten years. This will be a faster pace than the decade leading up to the latest bust. So where can the report be found?

Here's the report: http://www.jchs.harvard.edu/publications/markets/son2011/son2011.pdf

So why does one report indicate The Bottom Of The Real Estate Market!? If the growth forecasted is realistic, and if the supporting data is correct, there can be no doubt that now is the time to buy. And, now is the time to build.

This report indicates both a need for housing, and it identifies the types of housing that are likely to be the best investment. If you, or your buyers, have been waiting for the starting gun for the next housing recovery, this report is it. While specific markets need to be looked at individually, and while the use of local real estate professionals is more important than ever, all successful real estate investors know that profit is made when you buy your property. Only the realization of your profit happens at the sale, the culmination of a smart purchase.

Smart buyers are quietly buying NOW. They are done watching for the signs. They are in a great position to buy correctly. And while in some cases the market may correct a little more, it is better to get in early to realize the most success.

Read the report. Decide if the ideas are propoganda, or if they are real data. Then act. You could be smiling in a few years and telling others about how you caught the market at the right time.


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