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Using A Certified Radon Tester Or Radon Testing Company

I didn't know there are "certified" radon testing companies and testers. If you want to find a "certified" radon company or inspector, you can search the National Radon safety Board here http://www.nrsb.org/find_a_professional.asp or you can search
the National Environmental Health Organization here http://www.radongas.org/radon_measurement_service.shtml for a "measurement provider/technician". Both of these organizations are national so you can find someone in each state. Radon test kits are available to anyone from a number of places and you do not have to be certified to use them.

In my conversation with Roger Parras at the MA Department of Public Health, he suggested that it is better to use a certified radon tester or a company that has certified testers.  His reasoning was that there is a protocol for a correctly administered and collected radon test.

The protocol should be as follows:
- observe conditions in the test building
- place the test appropriately
- control the premises conditions for the best test results
- verify the collection device was not tampered with
- collect the sample and send it to the lab
- review the results

Roger was not surprised that home inspection companies are suggesting that agents, or buyers, or sellers collect the sample and send it to the lab. He said he's been receiving calls like mine a lot this year. He suggested that people interview the company they choose to see if there is a charge or an added fee for completing the test protocol.

He also said that he thinks that the one who places the test should be responsible for picking it up. The end of the test is as important as the placement. What if the test container has moved, been covered or spilled? The best observer is the one who placed the test kit.

His next comment was that people should understand the testing procedure. My next blog will be about that.


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   I'm a bit suprised and disappointed that you get so few comments. It seems to me that picking up the test AND inspecting for evidence if tampering or other iregularities should be part of the inspector's job. Before contracting an inspector or independent radon tester, it's a good idea to ask if they make a practice of picking up their tests. Ask if they keep quality control and custody logs. Picking up the test will be extra time and mileage for the inspector, for which he or she should paid fairly.

Posted by Janet E. Campbell (Second Mile Radon Testing) about 10 years ago

It is probably something that will become more of an issue as more people become informed. I have arranged for the "Radon Office" in MA to come to the Cape to give a lecture at our local MLS tour.

Posted by Associate Broker Falmouth MA Cape Cod Heath Coker, Heath Coker Robert Paul Properties Falmouth MA (http://www.CapeGroup.com & http://www.REindex.com) about 10 years ago