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Sellers NEED A Pre-Inspection!

Why? Because buyers today are very prepared with values. When they enter a property they are well versed in what is available in their target range.

So how does a pre-inspection help? It points out what the negotiation points of a property are to the homeowner before the property is shown or an offer is made. With an inspection complete, the seller can get estimates, prepare negotiation strategies, and even fix a few things.

Why would a buyer care? First, it indicates the seller's care to the buyer. Many sellers just wait to see what a buyer's inspection will "uncover". Sellers have a higher tollerance for the imperfections of their property than prospective buyers do. Second, it will help their agent disclose and protect the seller from issues that will arise at the buyer's inspection.  Third, it can disarm and even neutralize some issues that a buyer would use to discount the house - if it has been disclosed before the offer, then there is no re-negotiation after the inspection.

A pre-inspection will not replace a buyer's inspection. Buyers still need their own. But in this era if information, the more available information is before an offer, the smoother the negotiations and transaction.

A pre-inspection helps the Seller prepare, the agent disclose and negotiate, and the buyer decide faster.

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Heath: I often advocate home sellers hire an inspector to do a pre-sales inspection, especially if I notice condition issues. Its better to be forewarned so the seller isn't blindsided by the buyer's inspection.

Posted by Michelle Minch, Home Staging Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA (Moving Mountains Design Home Staging, Pasadena, CA) almost 10 years ago

I am glad you pointed out that this makes it easier for a buyer to say YES! I suggest advising your seller clients to get an inspection since it will help to make it easy for a buyer to say yes by giving them the reassurance the buyer wants regarding the property's condition!

Plus, disclosing and finding out about potential deal breakers BEFORE they kill a transaction is so important!

Posted by Mark Brian, Anderson SC Realtor (Silver Star Real Estate LLC) almost 10 years ago

Sometimes sellers find things that they would be embarrassed for a buyer to find before they did. The longer you are in a property, the more you begin to "overlook".

Posted by Associate Broker Falmouth MA Cape Cod Heath Coker, Heath Coker Robert Paul Properties Falmouth MA (http://www.CapeGroup.com & http://www.REindex.com) almost 10 years ago