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Good Attorneys Make Life Easier

I had the pleasure of closing a deal this week. One of the reasons the deal closed on time was the Hyannis attorney that was involved. In this case he was representing the Buyer of a property on Cape Cod.

Alexander T. Senatori, or Alex as I now know him, was thorough, patient, persistent, and very communicative. He made requests for what he needed, and responded when he had received what filled each request. He was persistent without being frustrated when we had to request the same thing many times from the other side of the transaction - even to the day of closing.  He was creative in thinking of ways that would meet his request which we could get from another source. He was determined to gt what was correct without being demanding.

Technology these days is handled differently by everyone in the real estate business. Alex used a blackberry and personally communicated almost instantaneously with my email deliveries and their compliance with the needs of this transaction. The closing was on time, he was organized, and thorough.

This happened to be a short sale. The papers came from the two banks with very tight time frames for response and completion. In fact, Alex Senatori closed this deal in less than 14 days! Not every attorney could have, or would have tried, to close this on time. The end of the month is usually the busiiest time for a real estate closing attorney.

When a new transaction is thrown into the schedule of real estate lawyers - especially an that has one sided cooperation as is often the case with a short sale - some lawyers will admit defeat and ask for an extension almost immediately. Not Alex. He kept the focus, responded very quickly to requests and adjustments from the other side of the deal, and gave them no reason to delay.

In this transaction there were three sellers, one buyer, one negotiator at one bank - with three supervisors that I had to CC every now and then, three levels of negotiators at the other bank who refused to cooperate very much at all, and Alex had to respond to all of them. To add to his complications, he only had direct communication with the Buyer. All his other emails, notes, requests, comments, suggestions, and encouragements, had to go through another party.

He not only closed the deal, but he kept his cool, and went to record on schedule.  I was very impressed with Alex Senatori. If you need a real estate lawyer on Cape Cod, I'd interview Alex. I know he was worth the fee he was paid, and then some!

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And the obverse is also true -- Bad attorneys make life harder!  The world would be a better place if there were more Alexes around.

Posted by Richard Strahm, Lansdale and North Penn Real Estate (American Foursquare Realty) over 10 years ago

O'Kelley and Sorohan is the best group in the Atlanta area. They for sure make our life easier.

Posted by pam chapman (Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners) over 10 years ago

These days, having a real estate professional, a good attorney, and a professional lender, makes a transaction go much more smoothly!

Posted by Associate Broker Falmouth MA Cape Cod Heath Coker, Heath Coker Robert Paul Properties Falmouth MA (http://www.CapeGroup.com & http://www.REindex.com) over 10 years ago

Good attorneys are a blessing. They know what their job is and get it done without delay. Some feel they have to inject their opinion of value or market trends when they haven't bought a home in 30 years. Oh well. We have to respect them too.

Posted by Glenn Roberts (Retired) over 10 years ago

I think that good attorneys are the way to go for closings and when you find a good one you should keep him.

Posted by Denise Allen, Realtor@ Chesapeake, Hampton Roads (Resh Realty Group) over 10 years ago