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What will it take for Parents to finally say....No More!!!

I don't often re-blog, but I found this information both alarming and useful.

I have four children and will someday have grandchildren. The groundwork for the future is being laid now by people who are, I believe, strange. I can only vote, contact the officials who are tolerating what I consider to be a wrong direction, and make others aware of the information that is available. Thank goodness for the Internet.

What will it take for Parents to finally say....No More!!!

I had written two blogs about Obama's Education Czar Kevin Jennings.

OK Parents if you are not Outraged, You are not Paying Attention. "UPDATED"

"Freedom incurs responsibility, that is why so many men fear it." My children are my responsibility!

While the number of hits on those posts were some of the highest I had ever gotten and I knew others were posting about this issue my question is.

Where the Heck is the media on this guy?

Let me just say this post is not about bashing people who are gay. This is about Kevin Jennings and his radical Left wing agenda being pushed on the Children of America!!

... Kevin Jennings hidPhoto from Grassroots Nation.

Kevin Jennings' group GLSEN is responsible for 

Pushing a reading list for grades 7-12 with scenes of explicit sex between children and adults.

--Warning on Content--Very explicit! Find out about this story Here!!

Passing out guides to anonymous sex clubs and gay bars to teens at their events. More...

Teaching our kids about "Fisting" and other extreme and dangerous sexual practices. More...

Well I say.....

Sign the Fire Jennings Petition


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