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CNN Reviews The Newest Benefits For "People In The US"

Here is a concise explanation of the benefits, tax advantages, tuition gifts and other subsidies that are planned for people in the US without permission. I watched the video below and kept waiting for the "april fools" punchline or the saturday night live cast to break in. You can't make this list up. Here is the youtube of the CNN report about the new bill.

If you don't want to watch the video, here is what the bill includes:

  • No taxes for people who are in the US without permission
  • People who are in the US without permission would be able to claim an earned income tax credit from US taxpayers
  • English is not required for people who are in the US without permission, until nine years after an application for amnesty
  • In state tuition would be provided for people who are in the US without permission
  • All emigration procedings would be stopped and allow any people who are in the US without permission to apply for amnesty
  • If people were in the US without permission and got deported, they could now get amnesty
  • Temporary Visas will be renewable indefinitely
  • Priority given to Mexican citizens for admission to the US
  • Legal status 24 hours after applying for it, regardless of whether a background check is complete.
  • Imigration attorneys for imigrants to the US will be paid for by the US taxpayers
  • If a gang member says they aren't a member anymore, they will receive amnesty
  • Us will give money to the Mexican government so they can try to convince Mexicans to stay in Mexico
  • Top priority for eliminating borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico
  • Border fence shortened from 800 miles to 200

Of course, these benefits are all for people who are not US citizens. Am I missing something?

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