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Hollywood East Secures Financing!

Hollywood East, the brain child of some experienced movie executives from Californiahas secured their construction financing! What does this mean? JOBS JOBS JOBS!!!

Not only are there construction jobs coming soon, but the 14 sound stages, 10 acre back lot, production facilities, offices, hotels, and shopping area will bring in more than 2000 jobs after construction. When you add the ancillary businesses and opportunities that will come to this area as supporting jobs, there could be as many a 20,000 new jobs.

Coupled with the new interest from notable people who want to have a home to use while they are doing business at the new studios, it's a beautiful day on Cape Cod!


http://bit.ly/19yNcZ for the video of the signing.

http://bit.ly/3tLi3K to learn what Plymouth Rock Studios and Hollywood East are.

Happy listing and selling real estate!

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Its a beautiful day on Cape Cod!
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