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Buy Now On Cape Cod Before Everyone Else Drives Up Prices!

If you are planning to have a place on Cape Cod while you're working at the Hollywood East studios, you should buy now.  The privacy factor is not as easy to achieve on Cape Cod as you might think. Still, there are some interesting buys right now that could provide you and your family privacy from the summer crowds.

The Cape has long been a place for vacationers. As such, many of the properties have been built close together on smaller lots. As more quiet interest in the Cape develops from people who have to work a little harder to find privacy, properties that can provide it are going up in value.

If you are looking for comfortable digs with a buffer, you should start your search now.  For example 11+ acres within 20 minutes of the new studio are on the market for $7+ million.  With one multi-bedroom colonial, another beachfront home with four more bedrooms, hundreds of feet of private beach, a private dock, another guest house, and a barn, you could work and play on Cape Cod.

Other areas on The Cape can provide privacy, too. And, when the word gets out that Hollywood East is a great place to be working, there will be more than a few who appreciate privacy - and look for it.

Helping buyers and sellers come together without a lot of fanfare can be as useful as owning a private location.

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