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Hollywood East Gets Their Site Plan Approval!

Next stop? Hollywood East! The town of Plymouth MA (where the pilgrims are reputed to have landed and started the settlements that have become the USA) now has a new place in history! Hollywood East is a development that will impact the world almost as much as Myles Standish and Squanto!

With the opportunity to build a brand new media production facility, the Plymouth Rock Studios development team has begun a new era in media history. High tech with a green building focus will produce one of the most advanced movie and tv studios in the world. 14 sound stages, 10 acres of backlot, offices, editing faciities, housing, support facilities for all aspects of media production centered in one place! And the real estate values here are attractive!

One of the initial steps for the development is the road from the real world to the inner workings of imagination and vision. The town planning board needed to give its approval to the master development plan in order to get the first stretch of the Wampum colored road (instead of the yellow brick one) started. After much consideration and research - their vote was unanimous approval. Whoda thunk it - unanimous politicians in MA!

Here's a videoblog from "The Series" which the studio produces to keep us updated on their progress. They are very laid back about the decision, but in fact it is monumental!

Happy viewing!

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