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Top States Searched For Real Esate in MAY

The top states searched for real estate on REindex.com, The Site Engine in May, were NY, IL, CA, PA, IA, MO, TX, MA, FL, OH. Each of these states has been in the news lately for various real estate reasons.

New York real estate has seen a slow down, and even has had a few large real estate companies close. Illinois is coming back from its downturn. CA real estate has finally found bottom and is starting to move property again. Pennsylvania has an active economic development plan. Their web site, www.NewPA.com, has interesting information and growth data. They are working hard to attract attention.

Iowa homes for sale have been interesting to investors for awhile and it is in the top ten list again. Missouri real estate searches have recently increased. Their EOCDs has been working to attract new jobs and businesses. Texas has pockets of strength like Austin. It is also one of the states who's size usually attracts a lot of searches.

Massachusetts real estate is attracting attention for many reasons. One is Hollywood East near Cape Cod. It is a high tech, efficiency focused, media production facility that is cutting edge. It is more advanced and more thoughtfully planned, than any studio in the US. Another source of activity for MA real estate is the 200 schools and universities in the Boston area that provide a constant flow of real estate interest.

Florida is finally at bottom, and Ohio is coming out of its doldrums. Each of the Top Ten has a good reason to be on the list. Search for their economic development commission or group and you'll find good explanations. Some provide tax breaks. Some have a good pool of willing workers. Some just opportunity as a result of property value downturn over the last few years.

Happy selling and listing!

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