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No Interior Pics? Clever Or Not? ... Do you Prefer To Visit To Verify?

What would happen if agents stopped putting interior pictures of their listings on the Internet? Oh yes, there would be an outcry from surfers and hobbyists who love to see what is inside. And there would be some agents who don't understand the usefulness of actually communicating with buyers.

So why would one think of that no interior pics would be useful? Maybe it would be so more people would make an appointment to look at a property. Maybe it would be to make the interior pics on your personal or company web site more useful that the listing sites are. maybe it would be so the public doesn't have to spend so much time "verifying" the pictures of multiple listings.

Imagine a world where buyers actually crossed the threshold of properties to see what is inside. Imagine if you will, a world where agents know more about the inside of a property than the surfing public. And consider the time saved in a transaction when professionals who actually know the market, and who have seen the insides of properties actually shorten the time necessary to find a property.

Here on Cape Cod, I have to often say, "those pictures are not WYSIWYG." What You See Is not always What You Get. Pictures of beaches that are actually a mile away, or pictures taken from a the only place on the whole lot that you can view the water from, or pictures of a tennis court that is actually owned by the town and is down the street, can have a consumer not only frustrated and confused, but angry at the deception.

The demand for public pictures has caused some agents to use "bait" pictures so the public will be fooled into Visiting To Verify.

Just some food for thought: Would eliminating or minimizing interior pictures, help or hinder real estate?


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