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Falmouth Housing Data - 15 Months

Here is some housing market data for Falmouth MA. It shows that there have been twice as many properties coming on the market as have been sold. And the current inventory is almost 1 year. This chart is for Non-Waterfront properties only. While Falmouth has more waterfront that any other town in the country, there are many more homes in Falmouth that are not on the water.

Falmouth Housing Data June 2010

The average list to sale price shows 95%. The only problem I have with that nymber/percentage is that is relative to the listing price at the time it went under agreement. This does not take into account that the property may have been on the market at a higher price.

Buyers can be misled to think that 95% of the listing price is what they can expect to pay on average. However, that is only true for a correctly priced property. Ask a good local broker or agent about the pricing of a property. There are more properties reducing their prices than those that are increasing or keeping their prices stable.

(We can provide this information about any Cape Cod town.)

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Falmouth Housing Data - 15 Months
Here is some housing market data for Falmouth MA It shows that there have been twice as many properties coming on the market as have been sold. And the current inventory is almost 1 year. This chart is for Non-Waterfront properties only. While… more
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