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A GPS For Social Media Marketing!

You can buy an ebook for every social media site. You can take every course offered for each social media site. There are tons of social media specialists.

But this article, "10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips" by Ross Kimbarovsky is one of the most concise and complete quick lists I have seen. He goes through what the most well known concepts and sites are and how to use them. There is a section under each one for the novice and for the advanced user.

If you need to start a Social Media Map, then this article can be your GPS.

Happy listing and selling!

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A GPS For Social Media Marketing!
You can buy an ebook for every social media site. You can take every course offered for each social media site. There are tons of social media specialists. But this article, " 10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips " by Ross… more
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