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Internet Pollution

I spent all day in a class yesterday waiting for a golden gem.  This class was all about a "new" system for building web sites that is "guaranteed" to get results.  Most of the room was older people with limited knowledge of the Internet.  They got me to sit all day, because they had a "guaranteed method" they would dislose if you attended the whole party.

The package was $3000 for the basic system and $6000 for the nuclear one.  As I sat and listened, they expained about their system parts and enhancements, and how sliced bread had nothing on their program.  But, knowing a little about the Net, I found that many of their proprietary enhancements can be found on the Net, and in some cases, similar productive items are free.

I had two lengthy conversations with their closers who really only knew their closes, not computers, not the Internet, and not how this would help my real estate businesses.  In fact, they only really knew enough about their system to close it.

I looked around the room at the listeners and realized that this type of operation is polluting the Internet.  The buyers of the system are not real business people trying to get their business new publicity, or providing a service that is not already available from a true industry professional.  The buyers of that system will only be other site owners in the billions of sites cluttering the already littered Internet.

The closers were like the sales office of a new subdivision on Mars, selling what will be a great waterfront community in a few years if everything goes according to plan.  I left there with the understanding that search engine optimization is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

I realized that my work on REindex.com, The Site Engine(sm), now is even more important, because it links only to sites we have visited and reviewed for relevant real estate content.  Search is going to get more and more polluted which will make the REindex "Site Engine" concept even more useful.

PS. I did get one good golden nugget - for free.

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I spent all day in a class yesterday waiting for a golden gem. This class was all about a "new" system for building web sites that is "guaranteed" to get results. Most of the room was older people with limited knowledge of the… more
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