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When Should I List My Property For Sale?

When Should I List My Property For Sale? or What Is The Real Estate Market Doing?


The answer to those questions will depend on where you are, what your price point is, and the condition of your property. These three factors can be discussed with a local real estate professional for the best answer.  They have the most accurate local experience and data.


A piece of visual data that is useful a graphic representation like the one below.  This example shows the actual numeric activity in the Falmouth market for a little more than a year, for all price points.  It shows which months have the most listings, sales, and pending sales.


In each real estate market there are usually peaks and valleys of activity. Falmouth MA has both a year round and seasonal owners, and our town is one of the best year round communities on Cape Cod.  We have pretty regular peaks and valleys. 


In my primary market of Falmouth MA, single family home listings, closed sales, and pending sales are usually about 13%-16% of the Barnstable County market data. In this recent 15 month study (below), I found there have been anywhere from 271 to 415 properties for sale. And in the same period, there were an average of 43 closed sales each month.


However, when you look at the results in a graph, there are months that appear to be better for sales than others. Of course these are just numbers and there may be properties that sell quickly in the less active months, and there are definitely properties that linger when there is good activity on comparably priced property. Professionals know that the right time to sell is: when you want to sell. If we knew the right month - for anything - we'd have a different title.


A year round real estate professional will be valuable in answering the when and what questions. They not only have the data in their MLS, they are in and out of properties, listening to the comments of actual buyers and sellers in your market.  They are well equipped with specific knowledge about how your property fits in not only to the numbers, but to the interests and desires of current buyers in your area.



With all the reports and answers to , "What is the real estate market doing?," there are many true real estate professionals who have all the data and current local experience, and who can help you see what the best strategy is for you and your property. I would contact one and rely on their daily experience and complete data and - it will save you time and money.

When should I list my home for sale?

If you would like a graph based on your property value and your local area, email me and I'll send it to you.  hcoker@robertpaul.com


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