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Foreclosure Map -

Here's a link to a map that shows foreclosure data by state.  It is from the FED in New York.  I used it for my area in MA.  My particular town doesn't deserve as much bad press as some areas.  (The map is one more example of something we can add to our own sites for free!)

I saw on one tv channel today, that a guy had researched all the headlines from the Clinton era when we had 5.2% unemplyment and a no growth economy.  He compared those with today's headlines for our current 5.2% unemployment and a positively growing economy.

He found that todays headlines are much more negative even though the economic facts are actually much more positive.  Maybe this is another example of the "5 Monkeys" method of publicity.

Oh well.  I have to go show some more houses to some buyers.  It seems that there are a lot of people who still have good credit and money to buy.  Haven't they heard the news?  - Blacks hate whites, Iraqis are too stubborn to work toward a stable government, the world is melting, and every property in america is being foreclosed on.

But, It's a beautiful day on Cape Cod!

Happy Selling and Listing!

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Foreclosure Map -
Here's a link to a map that shows foreclosure data by state. It is from the FED in New York. I used it for my area in MA. My particular town doesn't deserve as much bad press as some areas. (The map is one more example of something we can add… more
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