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Cape Cod Sales Are Both Up and Down?

Sometimes I really don't like statistics.  As an economics major in college, I learned to use statistics to make my point.  Now, when I hear statistical reports, I want to know what the variables are, if the comparrisons are apples to apples, and if there is anything I can't see that might skew the results in the favor of the reporter's opinion position.

With that in mind, here are the statistics of a comparrison between Jan to Apr 07 and 08.  (I hope it appears as clearly as it does when I type it.  If not, I'll edit it)

                                          Count  List $ Volume  Sold $ Volume  Avg List Price  Avg Sold Price  SP % LP
Total Sold / Entire MLS (08)    985     $546,957,702  $507,209,061   $555,287      $514,933   92.73
Total Sold / Entire MLS (07)   1171   $623,874,571  $585,080,254   $532,771       $499,642   93.78

These indicate that the number of listings is down, but the average list price is up.  And they indicate that the volume of sales is down, but the sale price is up.  So if I am a reporter, which ones do I report?  IF I want good news it is the up stats.  If I want bad news, the others.

The hardest news is for me:  I don't have as much to sell.  And the best news is for me: I get to make more on the average sale.  Good news, Bad News.  The stats are both up and down.

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Cape Cod Sales Are Both Up and Down?
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