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How to "Easily" Build a Website

After many years of building web pages by hand in html, I found a system that is "soup to nuts" easy.  It has everything from how to choose the right name, domain registration, easy template construction, or it will allow you to add your own html.  I even use it to "proof-read" my own html programming.  It will help you optimize your pages, submit them to the search engines, track their ranking, help you build backlinks, and on and on.

I have many domains, my real estate company site, and another to help listing agents get found free, and then a few built by this system I mention, because the system is so functional.  I even got one for my 75 year old Dad for his real estate business.  He read the (legthy) instructions, and only had to call me a couple of times.  Their help tools are great, but I think he also wanted me to know how good he was doing.

It is not that expensive when I compare it to what I used to spend on the multiple programs that do all the things this one program does.  If you can type and use a mouse, you can make a page and a web site.  I even saw this system endorsed by Robert Allen in the last chapters of his "Multiple Streams of Internet Income."

My only problem with this great system is that they are VERY verbose in their explainations.  They explain everything extensively and completely leaving no stone unturned and leaving nothing out.  While they are not redundantly repatitively saying the same things over and over more than once, I think what they say could be done much more briefly.  And, you can skip a lot of the "brainstorming" if you have a site name and concept already.  (Much of their "extra" explaination is for someone who wants to have a website, but doesn't know what will be on it.)

Once you have the system down, it takes no time at all to build a new page.  So, if you are looking for a way to build a site, step by step with written instructions, and with a great internal forum of members and techies that can answer any problem or question, then this is your tool.  I quickly built almost a hundred pages once I had completed the home page. 

There are other real estate site building companies for hire that I see all the time as we link to listing agent pages on REindex.com, The Site Engine(sm), but for the agent that wants to do it themselves, this is a good system that you can master easily, and it isn't a budget breaker.  It is less than $300 per year for everything I used to spend over $5000 a year for.  (Also, they have a 2 for one deal every so often where you can get two websites for one for the first year.)

I am reminded of the ad that used to be on in Dallas when I was growing up that had a Cowboy Cheerleader cutely smiling and saying, "If you don't have have and oil well.....Get one!"   Well, "If you don't have have and website.....Get one!"   ***Grin***

Happy Selling and Listing!

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