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Tailgaiting. Or not.

I was impatiently rushing to an appointment that I wasn't late for the other day when some things dawned on me. 

I had purposely taken the coast road so I could relax and enjoy the view and the peace of the beach.  As I turned onto the beach road, another car pulled in front of me.  They were obviously not in any rush to get anywhere and were driving very slowly.  I became frustrated at their intrusion very quickly and got close enough to their car that they felt my impatience and frustration. I could see them looking in their mirror.  Even though they saw me they didn't pull over or speed up.  This added to my frustration.

Then it dawned on me that I had come this way to relax and enjoy the view.  I backed off, and began to look out the windows at the great expanse of the ocean.  It was a calm day.  The water was a blue green.  The sun was shining.  Boats were going to and from Martha's Vineyard and out into the open ocean to go fishing. 

As I looked around, I was reminded that my frustration was a choice, and that the small events that occur to distract me can only control me if I choose to let them.  In this case, I chose to reset my mind and my actions. The slow car in front of me turned off, and as I looked inside I saw it was an older couple enjoying the same beach drive I was now enjoying.  I refocused my mind to feel a part of the things that are occurring in my life with great relief and different peace.

There are many things that "pull in front of me" in a day.  Sometimes I just need to back off and enjoy the view and bea part of the bigger picture.

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Tailgaiting. Or not.
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