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Download Suzi Orman's new book for a limited time - Free.

I just got notice of Suzi Orman's new book about what she thinks happened in the US real estate business/industry, and how we should think now.  You can download it free for a limited time in .pdf formatting.  It only has 227 pages and is a pretty fast download if you aren't still on dial up. (Is anyone?)

Maybe there are some items we can quote in our blogs that are positive!  She says she wrote it fast so people can keep what they still have.  I will probably read it tonight.

Happy listing and selling!

Here's the link


(Update: 1/14/09  I just tried it again and it is still active at 5:18pm EST)

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Download Suzi Orman's new book for a limited time - Free.
I just got notice of Suzi Orman's new book about what she thinks happened in the US real estate business/industry, and how we should think now. You can download it free for a limited time in pdf formatting. It only has 227 pages and is a pretty… more
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