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Insurance for Houses on a Lock Box - Another new insurance cost.

It must be insurance month.  The other day I posted about a new insurance product specifically for open houses.  Today I see one about lock boxes.  Although I agree that placing a listing on a lock box has some risks, I haven't seen an insurance offering for listings on a lock box before.  I don't use lock boxes, so I am not so worried about the insurance.  But, having a few listings on lock boxes listed by other companies can make showing homes a little easier.

The electronic lock boxes were tried here, but never took off.  We accompany all our real estate showings so we can hear comments, get feed back, and so we know who is actually going in.  Many agents here and off-Cape will give a non-agent the lock box code so they don't have to actually show the house.

I hope it doesn't come down to requiring more insurance for things like this.  Accompanied showings can slow down looking at homes a little, but it does make getting information not in the listing, less difficult.  I guess if some of the foreclosures that are on lock boxes weren't, they'd still have their copper pipes.

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Insurance for Houses on a Lock Box - Another new insurance cost.
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