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19,600,000 results for Dallas real estate?

How can there be so many web pages available for Dallas real estate, if there are less than two and a half million licensed real estate agents in the whole United States?  Well, of course the answer is that there are many pages in every web site.  And, many, many, many sites that mention Dallas real estate, so there could actually be more than 19,600,000 results when searching for Dallas real estate.

Well, lets say that the average real estate agent has at least 10 pages on their web site.  Those pages might be called 1)About Me, and 2)Featured Listings/My Listings.  There might be information about the 3)local school, and of course there needs to be a page for the 4)blog.  Then there are the 5,6,7,8) listing pages, and a 9)MLS search page.  Then the all important 10)contact page for those who can't find an email address or phone number on any of the other 9 pages. 

Then, I will assume that all of those pages are optimized for Dallas real estate.  That means that there must be 1,960,000 agents in Dallas.  Hmmm.  Well then they must each have 100 pages on their site.  That means there must are 196,000 agents in Dallas.  Hmmmm.  Maybe they each have 1000 pages in their site.  That gets it down to 19,600 agents in Dallas.  Hmmm.  That is the size of a small town.  And the Texas real estatecommission reported 153,161 licensees in 2007 for the whole state of Texas.  So maybe 19,600 people who are real estate agents in Dallas could have a web site that is completely and totally optimized for and about Dallas real estate.  That's only 12% of all the licensees in the state of Texas.  It could happen.

I'd better get started looking through the 19,600,000 so I can find the great deals in Dallas.  Surely there aren't sites cluttering my search process.  I'm sure that all the 19,600,000 results would be very useful to me as I am searching for Dallas real estate. 

Or, natsuhmuch.  Lol.

Happy listing and selling!

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